Artwork and Technical Specifications

Our artwork and design services use the latest programs and work with quality clients and projects giving them excellent opportunity to make the layouts strong and appealing.

They understand the printing process and design accordingly, ensuring that what you approve on proof will be supplied as the final printed copy.

We can also accept artwork that is produced from commercial design applications.

Whilst we are very confident in our pre-press service here are some simple guidelines that allow us to complete your job smoothly and on time if you are supplying artwork for printing.



  • All files must be in CMYK and/or Spot colour. RGB is not suitable, however conversions to CMYK can be done on request.
  • All linked files must be supplied for each job including all fonts and placed images.
  • In certain applications (particularly PC jobs) it is preferable to 'outline' any fonts used to avoid font problems. If using InDesign please ensure that you check the option to 'include fonts and links from any hidden layers'.
  • Any raster files (Photoshop EPS, TIF, JPG, etc) should have a resolution of 300dpi when placed at 100% into any artwork.
  • Any missing files may result in delays in finishing the job.
  • All jobs must have 3mm of bleed outside of the trim area, if trimming is required.
  • All jobs must be accompanied by at least one of either a full set of colour proofs or separated laser prints and high resolution PDF.


Artwork can be supplied as:

  • CD (Mac & PC)
  • DVD-R/RW (Mac & PC)
  • Email (compressed in SIT or ZIP format) - maximum file size is 10mb.
  • Zip Disk 100/250MB (Mac & PC)


We can accept files in these formats:

  • Quark (Mac & PC)
  • InDesign (Mac & PC)
  • Illustrator (Mac & PC)
  • Photoshop (Mac & PC)
  • Acrobat (Mac & PC)
  • CorelDraw (PC)


Note:  All jobs must have a 'Press Ready' PDF supplied, as well as the original files. We do not accept Word or Publisher as print artwork - any files presented in these programs may incur additional charges to convert them into print artwork.

If you have any concerns or queries re: tech specs or pre-press please contact us on 08 8382 4466 or contact us.


"Close enough is never good enough at Mercury Printing Services - we will work with you on all jobs to get the best result."



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