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When Mercury Printing Services started over 40 years ago, it did so with a clear objective in
mind - recruit the best people for printing and continually commit to upgrade to the
latest technology.

We understood that whilst the best equipment was important, we needed to have best people to get the best out of the machinery, producing the highest quality standard and therefore offer real benefits to their customers.

Experience Counts

Today Mercury Printing Services had built a highly skilled team of craftspeople and tradespersons, who have not only had long careers in the print industry, but actually have been long serving staff members of Mercury. Each person has years of experience in their field and takes great care and pride in their work. Collectively, they work to assist clients with expert advice that covers the entire printing process.

Our experience is more than just ink on paper.

As a printing company our main objective is to produce high quality and consistent print on paper for our clients. Ink on paper is just one component, our experience will assist you in choosing the many options that can be applied to your job. What type of paper, what colour of ink, the type of print finishing or embellishment, how many pages and the best binding option - this is where experience is irreplacable.

A director that knows the industry.

Paul Jones has a long association with the print industry, particularly as a paper representative for a leading paper merchant. Paul knows paper back-to-front and his customer service skills make the printing jobs you require less daunting to understand. Paul will give you the confidence that Mercury Printing Services will deliver exactly what you want.

Members of the Printing Industry Association of Australia

As part of our quality assurance we are members of the Printing Industry Association of Australia and abide by the Code of Ethics.

As a member, we are kept up-to-date with the latest trends in printing and associated services, have access to training and mentoring for staff and benchmarking for our print services.


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